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sports fundraising ideas

Creative Fundraising Idea
Great for your Sports Team, Dance Class, Boy Scout Troop, the possibilities are endless! 

  • No Upfront Cost to Start A Fund Raising Campaign.
  • No Inventory to manage 
  • It’s an App that is easy for members to sell
  • Hundreds of great offers on the App Every Month
  • App for IOS and Android Phones
  • Experienced Fundraising Professionals To Support Your Groups Sales Efforts
  • FREE Sales Materials and Sales Tally Sheets

Great Value For Your Supporters

  • Friends, Family and Neighbors of the members can Purchase the Fundraising App Membership for $30
  • They Get Access To The App For 12 Months for Local Deals
  • Most People Get Back Their Purchase by Using the App for a Few Deals
  • Local Business Deals are featured along with Deals all across the country
  • Businesses Include Restaurants, Retailers, Auto Services (Oil Changes and Repairs), Entertainment, Car Wash, Ice Cream Shops, Home Services and Lots More
  • Flagship Offers and Regular Offers are updated and changed regularly by our Advertisers
  • The Fundraising App is with you all the time, no need to find that cut out coupon
  • Annual Savings Up To $1,000
creative fundraising ideas

Here is a Profit Example

20 athletes Each Sell 30 Apps for $30 Each.

Total Sales are 600 Apps x $30 = $ 18,000 in Sales

50% Commission x $ 18,000 = $ 9,000 Profit to your Sports team or group (less 3% for credit card fees)