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The Fundraising App For Our Savings and Events

Want to take the Risk out of Paid Advertising?

  • Want to eliminate the Cost of Groupon and Living Social Fees?
  • Want Motivated Shoppers Spending Money with You?
  • Want a lot of New Customers?
  • Want to be able to Remarket to Customers without the costly expense of a CRM?

Introducing The Fundraising App for your Businss

  • Completely FREE to the First 50 Businesses in Each Town. (We have 17 Spots left)
  • $100 Sign Up for all Others. That is it - No other Costs.
  • Our App is for Locally Owned Businesses
  • Each business posts at least one Flagship offer with something for Free, or Buy One Get One Free, or 50% Off or other great offers.
  • Businesses also post additional Offers for other discounts and great deals.
  • You can control the number of times your customer can redeem the offer - From 1 time per year to once a month.
  • You can post other specials offers and events as well or use our Done For Your App Marketing Services.
  • Our App technology is the Gold Standard of Mobile Apps!
Why is Mobile Important to You ?
Example Offers

Businesses of all kinds can benefit from advertising on The Fundraising App:

  • Painters, Roofers, Landscapers and other Service Providers can offer a Free Proposal or Analysis of Customers Needs
  • Retailers, Restaurants, Ice Cream Stores can offer Buy One Get One Free and other business building offers.
  • Professsional Service Providers can offer a Free Consultation or list of recommendations
  • Show the Community that you are Supporting Local Causes by being on The Fundraising App
  • When Price and Quality are about the same, 94% of Consumers are likely to switch to brands associated with a good cause.
Screen Shot of App

Customers Find you on the App in any of 4 Ways

         1. Category

         2. List of Businesses

         3. Flagship Offers

         4. Offers

The App also features a Click to Call button and a Click for Directions button.

Reserve Your Place on the App Today. (no obligation)

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